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We Are. A World Away

A World Away is a creative & talent management agency comprised of an eclectic team of designers, strategists, managers, and creators working together to cultivate meaningful innovation and guidance for brands, talent, and those who engage with them. We specialize in creating world-class content, and representing top digital talent with far-reaching online audiences. A World Away has worked with brands like Netflix, Warner Music Group, Viewsonic, Universal Music Group and many more. The agency as a whole strives to deliver a visual story with every project they acquire.

The strength of our agency lies in our ability to address the most daunting challenges. In a world where adaptation happens in waves, our strength is our ability to adapt swiftly and imaginatively.

With a network of strategists and creators, we service leading consumer brands and high-growth companies. We are able to solve even the largest challenges, while keeping a deceptively small footprint.
No project is the same. Ideas, technology and tools evolve. So does our process.  Each program requires a flexible approach that unlocks innovation and adapts for the unknown.  We develop strategies, informed by decades of experience, powerful insights, user research and analytics.

We assemble an integrated mix of expertise, customized to the needs of each program. Our proven process is collaborative, iterative, and ultimately fluid. It is designed to get you there faster without compromising on small details. This approach is talked about, but rarely executed by others.
Logan Miller Founder & CEO of AWA
Establishing A World Away on the foundations of integrity and passion, Logan Miller is a multidisciplinary professional renowned for provoking influential designs, talent acquisitions, and consumer engagement that drives new levels of scaling success. Heavily focused on brand progression across the creative space, Logan features an extensive background involving (but not limited to) full-scope design, media relations, strategic marketing, and talent management. Even more, enjoys leveraging that dynamicity alongside his strong cultural exposures to not just exceed client initiatives, but do so all while propelling the entire creative industry forward as a collective.

Currently residing and operating in Las Vegas, NV, Logan has built a large inventory of industry experiences that have led to the eclectic growth of A World Away. Leading to the boutique talent management firm that recently separated into two entities as of 2022, Logan began his design career at an early age. Part of that stems from being raised by a family of versed designers and part from his worldly exposure that enabled him to optimize human attraction in terms of consumer connection. With this as his base, Logan launched A World Away initially as a passion project during University and quickly accelerated the brand to become an award-winning resource; delivering unforgettable experiences and noise-breaking executions that leave distinguishable, competitive marks. 

Blending creative vision with mission excellence, Logan has a genuine passion for translating innovative design objectives into tangible realities and ultimately ensuring everyone across the organizational pipeline attains positive experiences along the way. This, in conjunction with his history of harvesting growth opportunities via traditional and modern approaches and firm belief that strong results stem from strong teams, is what positioned Logan into an accoladed industry change agent – one who continuously instills reformative impacts that his clients, present-day society, and future generations stepping into the creative sector can mutually benefit from. 

To date, Logan brings with him a 5+ year history of managing internationally touring DJs and Producers, experience working for multiple Fortune 500 companies, and has supported various industry leaders, artists, and acclaimed brands such as Netflix, Universal Music Group, ViewSonic, Warner Music Group, Volkswagen Group, Insomniac Events, Live Nation, and Epic Games. 
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