Alan Walker


British-born Norwegian DJ, YouTuber, and record producer Alan Olav Walker of "Faded" fame ran a YouTube channel that even in early 2017 was one of the most beloved in Norway. As of May 2022, Alan Walker’s skyrocketing channel had earned the highest views of any Norwegian creator at over 11.1 billion, as well as boasting more than 41 million subscribers — all super fans of his hit songs like “Sing Me to Sleep”, “Alone”, “Darkside”, and “On My Way.” In order to keep breaking boundaries, he brainstormed with a team of creatives at A World Away to boost his brand image and step into a new chapter in his music and live performances all around the world.

Branding & Identity
Creative Direction


A World Away stepped up to the plate and created a completely unique, branded universe revolving around the artist’s new image — the Walkerverse — that initially included creative logomark work, colors, and merchandise design. We ultimately delivered a full brand and identity overhaul that would spill over to merchandise and tour asset design and development. In tandem with this new identity, we developed extensive, multilayered activation strategies with Alan and his team to deliver our creative to his eager fans. With A World Away’s dedication and input, Walker’s personal brand became more than famous — it became an artform in itself.

Brand Engagement

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